SPACO-USA is an integral part of the larger SPACO Emene, Enugu Nigeria Alumni World-wide Organization. It is a USA based alumni membership organization with affiliate chapters and individual members spread all over several cities within the continental USA. Our mission is to unite all our alumni members and to play a vital role in the process of our own development as ex-students of St Patrick College Emene, Enugu. We aspire to work toward making continuous positive impact on educational process for the current students at our alma mater; involve in technological and infra-structural development projects at our alma mater, as well as engage in collaborative economic empowerment of all our SPACO Emene alumni members all over the globe. Above all, we want to facilitate peace and unity among all our members living in the Diaspora and at home in Nigeria. So that we can collectively set our agenda, solve our common problems, and unite behind a common vision for the infra-structural improvement and contribute toward educational success of our alma mater. With joint SPACO Emene alumni collaboration World-wide, imagine the infinite possibilities!
We are reaching out to all our folks everywhere with the aim to build synergy, capacity, and organization to deliver to our great institution the necessary resources to help raise its current standard beyond its present scope of influence to a more enviable higher standard.


That there are many members of our SPACO Emene Alumni that are possibly residing near you and are waiting to be connected with you? Get in touch with us and introduce yourselves. Join your alumni brothers. Come and feel the awesome power of Alumni!


St. Patrick’s College, Emene U.S.A. Alumni Association, Inc. (a.k.a. SPACO-USA) was formed as “independent” branch of other St. Patrick’s College Emene Alumni Associations, to promote unity, interest, progress and serve as a support system for developmental initiatives for students at SPACO Emene within the meaning of Section 501© (3) Code of the Internal Revenue Service.


With the above refrain by the white-upon white dressed youths of St. Patrick’s College, Emene, a new school day is ushered in.
St. Patrick’s College is located at the heart of Emene town and was the brain child of the Catholic church. It was an effort to provide secondary school that will satisfy the unquenchable desire for western education in this part of the country. It was one of the few such schools undertaken by the Catholic church.